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Going Above and Beyond in Workplace Education

In the world of entrepreneurship, the significance of mastering financial management skills cannot be overstated

Understanding business finance can mean the difference between the success and failure of a business endeavour. Enter Stephanie Folahan, a dedicated Workplace Education Initiative (WEI) instructor, who is committed to empowering entrepreneurs to thrive through financial literacy. Stephanie Folahan's devotion to her participants extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of teaching. With a firm belief in continuous learning and the WEI model, she consistently goes the extra mile to ensure her students not only learn but also practice and implement newfound skills in their businesses.

Stephanie Folahan during an interview for the finalist for new Business Award

The importance of improving business skills resonates with individuals like Teri Deman, one of our Workplace Education and Training Coordinators. Not only because she coordinates WEI programs in Metro, but Teri and her husband own a construction business and have recently hired a new employee, and recognizing the necessity of enhancing financial management skills and participating in WEI programs, she enrolled in Stephanie's class.

It is not merely her subject matter expertise that sets Stephanie apart; it is her exceptional dedication to her students' success. A testament to her commitment came to light during a particularly challenging circumstance. In one of her online classes, Stephanie had an unexpected power outage, and was unable to attend. Rather than allowing this obstacle to disrupt the learning process, one of the participants assumed the role of host, ensuring that the class continued uninterrupted. Together, the participants reviewed their homework assignments while designating a member to communicate questions to Stephanie via text and Stephanie promptly responded, guiding the class through their queries

This incident characterises the culture Stephanie fosters within her classroom—a culture of flexibility, collaboration, and support. Through her commitment to her participants' success, Stephanie continues to empower entrepreneurs to realize their full potential and grow their businesses

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