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Growing pains

While I left the safety of my full-time job many years ago, I have been growing my business ever since. However, until this past year, I never really felt like an entrepreneur. The people I have met along the way, though I may not have realized it at the time, have helped me get here.

I met Joyce from @lumistudioshfx about 3 years ago. Both just figuring things out. I hired Joyce’s company to take some professional photos of me, which to date are still my favourite, and that’s just what she did. This might sound crazy, but I assumed if I paid for the photo’s they were mine. WRONGO!!! I learned this because I followed up with Joyce as I needed them in a different format after deciding to use the photo for my upcoming billboard. I explained this to Joyce who then sends me a legal document letting me know I am not allowed to do so. My immediate reaction was something like “OHHHHHH…she doesn’t know me. That shit is mine!!” (re-read that with a strong Fairview accent…haha). I won’t give you the juicy details about the two days we went back and forth because we’ve both grown so much since then. We were able to come to a great agreement and the billboard was up within two weeks. In Joyce’s defence, I was making my first big advertising purchase and can count on one hand the number of times I’d ever spent that kind of money in my life. I was very stressed.

Fast forward to now Joyce and I still work together regularly and laugh often about all the bumps in the road, as the above-mentioned was not the only one.

Joyce and I working on financial projections just before the Christmas break.

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